PDFRCW 47.50.090

Access management standards.

(1) The department shall develop, adopt, and maintain an access control classification system for all routes on the state highway system, the purpose of which shall be to provide for the implementation and continuing applications of the provision of this chapter.
(2) The principal component of the access control classification system shall be access management standards, the purpose of which shall be to provide specific minimum standards to be adhered to in the planning for and approval of access to state highways.
(3) The control classification system shall be developed consistent with the following:
(a) The department shall, no later than January 1, 1993, adopt rules setting forth procedures governing the implementation of the access control classification system required by this chapter. The rule shall provide for input from the entities described in (b) of this subsection as well as for public meetings to discuss the access control classification system. Nothing in this chapter shall affect the validity of the department's existing or subsequently adopted rules concerning access to the state highway system. Such rules shall remain in effect until repealed or replaced by the rules required by this chapter.
(b) The access control classification system shall be developed in cooperation with counties, cities and towns, the department of commerce, regional transportation planning organizations, and other local governmental entities, and for city streets designated as state highways pursuant to chapter 47.24 RCW, adopted with the concurrence of the city design standards committee.
(c) The rule required by this section shall provide that assignment of a road segment to a specific access category be made in consideration of the following criteria:
(i) Local land use plans and zoning, as set forth in comprehensive plans;
(ii) The current functional classification as well as potential future functional classification of each road on the state highway system;
(iii) Existing and projected traffic volumes;
(iv) Existing and projected state, local, and metropolitan planning organization transportation plans and needs;
(v) Drainage requirements;
(vi) The character of lands adjoining the highway;
(vii) The type and volume of traffic requiring access;
(viii) Other operational aspects of access;
(ix) The availability of reasonable access by way of county roads and city streets to a state highway; and
(x) The cumulative effect of existing and projected connections on the state highway system's ability to provide for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the state.
(d) Access management standards shall include, but not be limited to, connection location standards, safety factors, design and construction standards, desired levels of service, traffic control devices, and effective maintenance of the roads. The standards shall also contain minimum requirements for the spacing of connections, intersecting streets, roads, and highways.
(e) An access control category shall be assigned to each segment of the state highway system by July 1, 1993.
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Explanatory statement2023 c 470: See note following RCW 10.99.030.
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