PDFRCW 47.52.001

Declaration of policy.

(1) Unrestricted access to and from public highways has resulted in congestion and peril for the traveler. It has caused undue slowing of all traffic in many areas. The investment of the public in highway facilities has been impaired and highway facilities costing vast sums of money will have to be relocated and reconstructed.
(2) Broadband, which includes a range of high-speed transmission technologies, including fiber optic lines and personal wireless service facilities, is a critical part of the state's infrastructure. The rapid deployment of broadband facilities is critical to ensure public safety, network access, quality of service, and rural economic development.
(3) It is, therefore, the declared policy of this state to limit access to the highway facilities of this state in the interest of highway safety and for the preservation of the investment of the public in such facilities, and to ensure that the use of rights-of-way of limited access facilities accommodate the deployment of broadband facilities consistent with these interests. In furtherance of this policy, the department is directed to adopt and maintain an agency policy that requires the department to proactively provide broadband facility owners with information about planned limited access highway projects to enable collaboration between broadband facility owners and the department to identify opportunities for the installation of broadband facilities during the appropriate phase of these projects when such opportunities exist. Coordination between the department and broadband facility owners under this section must comply with applicable state and federal law including, but not limited to, chapter 47.44 RCW and RCW 47.04.045.
[ 2021 c 258 § 6; 2004 c 131 § 1; 1961 c 13 § 47.52.001. Prior: 1951 c 167 § 1.]


FindingsIntent2021 c 258: See note following RCW 47.44.160.