PDFRCW 47.52.134

When access reports and hearings not required.

Access reports and hearings on the establishment of limited access facilities are not required if:
(1) The limited access facility would lie wholly within state or federal lands and the agency or agencies with jurisdiction of the land agree to the access plan; or
(2) The access rights to the affected section of roadway have previously been purchased or established by others; or
(3) The limited access facility would not significantly change local road use, and all affected local agencies and abutting property owners agree in writing to waive a formal hearing on the establishment of the facility after publication of a notice of opportunity for a limited access hearing. This notice of opportunity for a limited access hearing shall be given in the same manner as required for published notice of hearings under RCW 47.52.133. If the authority specified in the notice receives a request for a hearing from one or more abutting property owners or affected local agencies on or before the date stated in the notice, an access report shall be submitted as provided in RCW 47.52.131 and a hearing shall be held. Notice of the hearing shall be given by mail and publication as provided in RCW 47.52.133.
[ 1987 c 200 § 3.]