PDFRCW 47.52.160

State facility through city or townHearingNoticeEvidenceDetermination of issues.

The board shall fix a reasonable time not more than thirty days after the date of its appointment and shall indicate the time and place for the hearing, and shall give notice to the county, city, or town and to the department. At the time and place fixed for the hearing, the state and the county, city, or town shall present all of their evidence with respect to the objections set forth in the request for the hearing before the board, and if either the state, the county, or the city or town fails to do so, the board may determine the issues upon such evidence as may be presented to it at the hearing.
[ 1984 c 7 s 244; 1963 c 103 s 4; 1961 c 13 s 47.52.160. Prior: 1957 c 235 s 8.]