Chapter 47.56 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.56.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 47.56.030Powers and duties regarding toll facilitiesPurchasing.
HTMLPDF 47.56.031Approval of tolls.
HTMLPDF 47.56.032Authority of department and commission relating to state ferries.
HTMLPDF 47.56.040Toll bridges authorizedInvestigations.
HTMLPDF 47.56.042State boundary bridgesInvestigationsAgreements with counties or states.
HTMLPDF 47.56.050Purchase of bridges and ferries authorizedProvisions applicable.
HTMLPDF 47.56.060Toll bridgesGeneral powers of department and officialsFinancial statements.
HTMLPDF 47.56.070Toll facilities authorizedProvisions applicable.
HTMLPDF 47.56.075Toll roads, facilitiesLegislative authorization or regional or local sponsorship required.
HTMLPDF 47.56.076Regional transportation investment districtVehicle tolls authorized.
HTMLPDF 47.56.077Concessions to operate private business on toll road prohibited.
HTMLPDF 47.56.078Transportation benefit districtVehicle tolls authorized.
HTMLPDF 47.56.090Authority to acquire right-of-way in constructing a toll bridge.
HTMLPDF 47.56.100Toll bridgesRight-of-way across state highways and political subdivisionsCompensation.
HTMLPDF 47.56.110Toll bridgesResolution of necessity in acquiring right-of-wayEffect of.
HTMLPDF 47.56.120Toll bridgesConstruction directedCosts.
HTMLPDF 47.56.130Toll bridgesBondsCooperative funds from state and federal government.
HTMLPDF 47.56.140Toll bridges, bondsForm, contents, manner of saleInterim bonds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.150Toll bridgesBond proceeds and toll revenues, disposition ofConstruction fundDisbursementInvestment.
HTMLPDF 47.56.160Toll bridgesToll revenue fund.
HTMLPDF 47.56.165Tacoma Narrows toll bridge account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.167Toll collection account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.170Toll bridgesTransfer of funds for bond paymentsSurplus funds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.180Toll bridgesPayments made by warrants on vouchersInterest on deposits.
HTMLPDF 47.56.190Toll bridgesAgreement on deposit of funds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.200Toll bridgesUse of bond proceeds and revenue for expenses.
HTMLPDF 47.56.210Toll bridgesRemedies of bond holders.
HTMLPDF 47.56.220Toll bridgesLimitations on other serviceProtection of outstanding bonds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.230Toll bridgesInsurance or indemnity bonds authorized.
HTMLPDF 47.56.240Toll bridgesFixing of toll rates authorizedLien of bonds on revenue.
HTMLPDF 47.56.242Liquidation and closure of facility accounts upon removal of tollsTransfer to motor vehicle fund.
HTMLPDF 47.56.243Liquidation and closure of facility accounts upon removal of tollsSatisfaction of claims.
HTMLPDF 47.56.245Toll charges retained until costs paid.
HTMLPDF 47.56.247Credit permits for vehicular passage.
HTMLPDF 47.56.248Credit permits for vehicular passageCash deposit or bondRevocation of permit.
HTMLPDF 47.56.250Contributions by the state or political subdivisionBondsRepayment.
HTMLPDF 47.56.253Permits, leases, licenses to governmental entities to use property of toll facility or ferry system.
HTMLPDF 47.56.254Sale of unneeded propertyAuthorizedRules.
HTMLPDF 47.56.255Sale of unneeded propertyCertification to governorExecution, delivery of deed.
HTMLPDF 47.56.256Franchises for utility, railway, urban public transportation purposes.
HTMLPDF 47.56.257Deposit of moneys received under RCW 47.56.253 through 47.56.256.
HTMLPDF 47.56.258Notification requirements.
HTMLPDF 47.56.2701950 Tacoma Narrows bridge part of primary highways.
HTMLPDF 47.56.2711950 Tacoma Narrows bridge toll-freeException.
HTMLPDF 47.56.366Hood Canal bridgePublic sport fishingDisclaimer of liability.
HTMLPDF 47.56.401High occupancy toll lanes defined.
HTMLPDF 47.56.600Naches Pass tunnelDesign.
HTMLPDF 47.56.711Spokane river bridges.
HTMLPDF 47.56.720Puget Island-Westport ferryPayments for operation and maintenance to Wahkiakum countyToll-free operation and provision of rest room facilities, when.
HTMLPDF 47.56.725County ferriesDeficit reimbursementsCapital improvement funds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.730"No Smoking" areas on ferriesEstablishment directed.
HTMLPDF 47.56.770Refunding bondsAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 47.56.771Refunding bondsGeneral obligationSignatures, negotiabilityPayment of principal and interestPledge of excise taxes.
HTMLPDF 47.56.772Refunding bondsLiquidation of existing bond funds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.773Refunding bondsRepayment to Puget Sound capital construction account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.774Various bond issuesCharge against fuel tax revenues.
HTMLPDF 47.56.785Authority to collect tolls on existing or replacement state route number 520 bridgeToll charge schedule.
HTMLPDF 47.56.790Interstate 90 floating bridge tollsFederal authorizationReport.
HTMLPDF 47.56.795TollsElectronic toll collection and photo toll systemsAdministrative feesViolationIn-vehicle device availability.
HTMLPDF 47.56.796Toll ratesLegislative approvalAdjustmentsReports.
HTMLPDF 47.56.805FindingIntent.
HTMLPDF 47.56.810Definitions.
HTMLPDF 47.56.820Imposition of tolls on eligible toll facilitiesWho may authorize, revenue expenditures.
HTMLPDF 47.56.830Policy guidelines for eligible toll facility proposals.
HTMLPDF 47.56.840Tolling advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 47.56.850Transportation commission as state tolling authorityPowers and dutiesToll ratesRestrictions on toll revenue.
HTMLPDF 47.56.855Report to legislature on toll rate increases and decreases by transportation commission.
HTMLPDF 47.56.860Application.
HTMLPDF 47.56.862State route number 99, deep bore tunnelTolls authorizedEligible toll facilityToll revenueToll rate schedule.
HTMLPDF 47.56.864Alaskan Way viaduct replacement project accountDepositsUse and transfer of funds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.870State route No. 520 corridorTolls authorizedEligible toll facilityToll revenueToll rate scheduleBridge replacement program, work groups.
HTMLPDF 47.56.875State route No. 520 corridor accountDepositsUse and transfer of funds.
HTMLPDF 47.56.876State route number 520 civil penalties account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.878State route number 167 and Interstate 405 corridor projectConstructionApplication for deferral of state and local sales and use taxesDepartment of revenue to issue certificatePaymentsInterest and penaltiesSubject to disclosure.
HTMLPDF 47.56.880Interstate 405 and state route number 167 corridorsTolls authorizedEligible toll facilityToll rate scheduleCapacity improvementsPerformance measuresViolation.
HTMLPDF 47.56.884Interstate 405 and state route number 167 express toll lanes account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.886State route number 167 and Interstate 405 express toll lane systemTraffic and revenue analysisFinance plan.
HTMLPDF 47.56.888Interstate 405 and state route number 167 corridorsPerformanceReevaluation of options.
HTMLPDF 47.56.892Columbia river crossing projectAgreements with the Oregon state transportation commission.
HTMLPDF 47.56.895Puget Sound Gateway facilityToll rates.
HTMLPDF 47.56.897Puget Sound Gateway facility account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.900High occupancy toll lanes operations account, repealedResidual balance of funds, year-end accrualsTransfer to Interstate 405 and state route number 167 express toll lanes account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.902Interstate 5 bridge replacement projectToll facility.
HTMLPDF 47.56.904Interstate 5 bridge replacement project account.
HTMLPDF 47.56.906Interstate 5 bridge replacement projectBistate agreement.


Bridges across navigable waters: RCW 79.110.110 through 79.110.140.
Port districts, toll facilities: Chapter 53.34 RCW.
Toll bridge bonds authorized, adjoining counties: RCW 36.76.140.
Traffic violations and unlawful acts on toll facility or ferry: RCW 46.61.690.
Viaducts, bridges, elevated roadways, tunnels, etc., authority of cities to construct: Chapter 35.85 RCW.