PDFRCW 47.56.805


The legislature finds and declares that it is the policy of the state of Washington to use tolling to provide a source of transportation funding and to encourage effective use of the transportation system.
The legislature intends that the policy framework created by chapter 122, Laws of 2008 will guide subsequent legislation and decisions regarding the tolling of specific facilities and corridors. For each state-owned facility or corridor, the legislature intends that it will authorize the budget and finance plan. Specific issues that may be addressed in the finance plan and budget authorization legislation include the amount of financing required for a facility or corridor, the budget for any construction and operations financed by tolling, whether and how variable pricing will be applied, and the timing of tolling.
The legislature also intends that while the transportation commission, as the toll-setting authority, may set toll rates for facilities, corridors, or systems thereof, the legislature reserves the authority to impose tolls on any state transportation route or facility. Similarly, local or quasi-local entities that retain the power to impose tolls may do so as long as the effect of those tolls on the state highway system is consistent with the policy guidelines detailed in chapter 122, Laws of 2008. If the imposition of tolls could have an impact on state facilities, the state tolling authority must review and approve such tolls.
[ 2008 c 122 § 1.]