PDFRCW 47.60.290

State ferriesReview of fares and pricing policiesProposals.

(1) The department shall annually review fares and pricing policies applicable to the operation of the Washington state ferries.
(2) Beginning in 2008, the department shall develop fare and pricing policy proposals that must:
(a) Recognize that each travel shed is unique, and might not have the same farebox recovery rate and the same pricing policies;
(b) Use data from the current survey conducted under RCW 47.60.286;
(c) Be developed with input from affected ferry users by public hearing and by review with the affected ferry advisory committees, in addition to the data gathered from the survey conducted in RCW 47.60.286;
(d) Generate the amount of revenue required by the biennial transportation budget;
(e) Consider the impacts on users, capacity, and local communities; and
(f) Keep fare schedules as simple as possible.
(3) While developing fare and pricing policy proposals, the department must consider the following:
(a) Options for using pricing to level vehicle peak demand; and
(b) Options for using pricing to increase off-peak ridership.
[ 2007 c 512 § 5; 1983 c 3 § 136; 1972 ex.s. c 24 § 6; 1961 c 13 § 47.60.290. Prior: 1959 c 199 § 1.]


FindingIntent2007 c 512: See note following RCW 47.06.140.