PDFRCW 47.60.656

Passenger-only ferry serviceConveyance of vessels authorized.

The department of transportation may enter into contracts with public transportation benefit areas meeting the requirements of RCW 36.57A.200 or county ferry districts to convey passenger-only ferry vessels and other properties associated with passenger-only ferry service that serve to provide passenger-only ferry service, as full or part consideration for the benefit area or ferry district assuming all future maintenance and operation obligations and costs required to maintain and operate the vessel and facilities. The conveyances must provide that the vessels or properties revert to the department if the vessels are not used for providing passenger-only ferry service.
[ 2003 c 83 § 203.]


FindingsIntentCaptions, part headings not lawSeverabilityEffective date2003 c 83: See notes following RCW 36.57A.200.