PDFRCW 47.60.720

Additional investigationTerms of prequalificationNotice of nonqualification.

Upon receipt of an application by a contractor for prequalification to perform ferry system construction and repair contracts, the department shall conduct such additional investigation as it deems necessary. If it finds that the applicant is qualified in accordance with the rules as adopted by the secretary, the department shall prequalify the contractor to perform the contracts for a period of one year. The prequalification shall fix the aggregate dollar amount of work, including any contract let by the department, that the contractor may have under contract and uncompleted at any one time and may limit the contractor to the submission of bids or proposals upon a certain class of work. Subject to any restrictions on the dollar amount or class of work specified thereunder, the prequalification shall authorize a contractor to bid or submit proposals on all ferry system construction and repair contracts mentioned in RCW 47.60.680 except contracts requiring special prequalification. If the department determines that an applicant is not entitled to prequalification, it shall give written notice of the determination to the applicant.
[ 1983 c 133 § 5.]