PDFRCW 47.60.815

Design-build ferriesCost-benefit analysisEngineer's estimateSubsequent request for proposals, when required.

(1) The Washington state institute for public policy must conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the state's ferry vessel procurement practices. This analysis must (a) compare in-state construction to construction at shipyards across the United States, (b) identify barriers to receiving three or more in-state bids to a request for proposals, and (c) recommend policies to encourage three or more in-state bidders to respond to a request for proposals. This analysis must be provided to the governor, the transportation committees of the legislature, and the department by December 1, 2016.
(2) In developing its engineer's estimate to procure a ferry vessel, the department must identify significant project cost drivers, including materials, labor, overhead, delivery, and profit.
(3) After July 1, 2017, if all responses to the initial request for proposals under RCW 47.60.814 are greater than five percent above the department's engineer's estimate for the project, the department must reject all proposals and issue a subsequent request for proposal that is not subject to RCW 47.60.814(1)(r).
[ 2015 3rd sp.s. c 14 § 5.]


Effective date2015 3rd sp.s. c 14: See note following RCW 47.60.005.