PDFRCW 47.60.816

Design-build ferriesPhase one.

Phase one of the request for proposals process consists of evaluation and selection of prequalified proposers to participate in subsequent development of technical proposals in phase two, as follows:
(1) The department shall issue a request for proposals to interested parties.
(2) The request for proposals must require that each proposer prequalify for the contract under chapter 468-310 WAC, except that the department may adopt rules for the financial prequalification of proposers for this specific contract only. The department shall modify the financial prequalification rules in chapter 468-310 WAC in order to maximize competition among financially capable and otherwise qualified proposers. In adopting these rules, the department shall consider factors including, without limitation: (a) Shipyard resources in Washington state; (b) the cost to design and construct multiple vessels under a single contract without options; and (c) the sequenced delivery schedule for the vessels.
(3) The department may use some, or all, of the nonfinancial prequalification factors as part of the evaluation factors in phase one to enable the department to select a limited number of best qualified proposers to participate in development of technical proposals in phase two.
(4) The department shall evaluate submitted proposals in accordance with the selection criteria established in the request for proposals. Selection criteria may include, but are not limited to, the following:
(a) Shipyard facilities;
(b) Organization components;
(c) Design capability;
(d) Build strategy;
(e) Experience and past performance;
(f) Ability to meet vessel delivery dates;
(g) Projected workload; and
(h) Expertise of project team and other key personnel.
(5) Upon concluding its evaluation of proposals, the department shall select the best qualified proposers in accordance with the request for proposals. The selected proposers must participate in development of technical proposals. Selection must be made in accordance with the selection criteria stated in the request for proposals. All proposers must be ranked in order of preference as derived from the same selection criteria.
[ 2001 c 226 s 7.]


FindingsPurpose2001 c 226: See note following RCW 47.20.780.