PDFRCW 47.64.175

Collective bargaining agreement negotiation.

(1) For the purpose of negotiating collective bargaining agreements under this chapter, the employer shall be represented by the governor or governor's designee.
(2) Two or more ferry employee organizations may, upon agreement of the parties, negotiate, as a coalition with the employer representative as designated in subsection (1) of this section, a multiunion collective bargaining agreement on behalf of all the employees in ferry employee organization bargaining units that the exclusive bargaining representatives represent. The coalition shall bargain for a multiunion collective bargaining agreement covering all of the employees represented by the coalition. The governor's designee and the exclusive bargaining representative or representatives are authorized to enter into supplemental bargaining of bargaining unit-specific issues for inclusion in or as an addendum to the multiunion collective bargaining agreement, subject to the parties' agreement regarding the issues and procedures for supplemental bargaining. Nothing in this section impairs the right of each ferry employee organization to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement exclusive to the bargaining unit it represents.
[ 2006 c 164 § 2.]


Prospective applicationSavingsEffective dates2006 c 164: See notes following RCW 47.64.011.