PDFRCW 47.79.040

Rail passenger plan.

The legislature recognizes the need to plan for the high-speed ground transportation service and the high quality intercity rail passenger service set forth in RCW 47.79.020 and 47.79.030. The department of transportation shall, subject to legislative appropriation, develop a rail passenger plan through the conduct of studies addressing, but not limited to, the following areas:
(1) Refined ridership estimates;
(2) Preliminary location and environmental analysis on new corridors;
(3) Detailed station location assessments in concert with affected local jurisdictions;
(4) Coordination with the air transportation commission on statewide air transportation policy and its effects on high-speed ground transportation service; and
(5) Coordination with the governments of Oregon and British Columbia, when appropriate, on alignment, station location, and environmental analysis.
[ 1993 c 381 § 4.]