PDFRCW 47.79.140

King Street stationLeases and contracts for multimodal terminal.

To facilitate tax exempt financing for the acquisition and improvement of the King Street railroad station, the department may lease from or contract with public or private entities for the acquisition, lease, operation, maintenance, financing, renovation, restoration, or management of some, or all, of the King Street railroad station properties as a multimodal terminal that supports the state intercity passenger rail service. The leases or contracts are not subject to either chapter 39.94 or 43.82 RCW. The leases and contracts will expire no later than fifty years from the time they are executed, and at that time the department will either receive title or have the right to receive title to the financed property without additional obligation to compensate the owner of those properties for the acquisition of them. The secretary may take all actions necessary, convenient, or incidental to the financing.
[ 2001 c 62 s 4.]


Effective date2001 c 62: See note following RCW 47.79.110.