Chapter 50A.15 RCW



50A.15.010Employee eligibility.
50A.15.020BenefitAmount and duration.
50A.15.030Employee notice to employer.
50A.15.040Application for benefits.
50A.15.050Timing of benefit paymentsEmployer contest of application.
50A.15.060Benefit exclusions and disqualificationsEmployee penalties.
50A.15.065Expiration of leave entitlement.
50A.15.070Federal income taxesWithholding.
50A.15.080Child support obligationsWithholding.
50A.15.090Repayment and recovery of benefit overpayments.
50A.15.100Unemployment compensation, industrial insurance, and disability insurance lawsEffect on title.
50A.15.110Leave available under other lawsCoordination.
50A.15.120Assignment, pledge, or encumbrance of right to benefits due or payable voidExemptions.