PDFRCW 50B.04.120

Appeal of determinations.

(1) Determinations made by the health care authority or the department of social and health services under this chapter, including determinations regarding functional eligibility or related to registration of long-term services and supports providers, are subject to appeal in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW. In addition, the standards and procedures adopted for these appeals must address the following:
(a) Timelines;
(b) Eligibility and benefit determination;
(c) Judicial review; and
(d) Fees.
(2) Determinations made by the employment security department under this chapter are subject to appeal in accordance with the appeal procedures under Title 50A RCW. The employment security department shall adopt standards and procedures for appeals for persons aggrieved by any determination or redetermination made by the department. The standards and procedures must be consistent with those adopted for the family and medical leave program under Title 50A RCW and must address topics including:
(a) Premium liability;
(b) Premium collection;
(c) Judicial review; and
(d) Fees.
[ 2020 c 98 § 6; 2019 c 363 § 13.]