Chapter 52.02 RCW



HTMLPDF 52.02.001Actions subject to review by boundary review board.
HTMLPDF 52.02.020Districts authorizedHealth clinic services.
HTMLPDF 52.02.030PetitionCertification.
HTMLPDF 52.02.035PetitionNotice of sufficiency.
HTMLPDF 52.02.040PetitionPublic hearing.
HTMLPDF 52.02.050Public hearingNoticePublication and posting.
HTMLPDF 52.02.060HearingInclusion and exclusion of land.
HTMLPDF 52.02.070Action on petitionResolutionElectionDistrict name when located in more than one county.
HTMLPDF 52.02.080Election.
HTMLPDF 52.02.110Declaration of election resultsResolution.
HTMLPDF 52.02.140Appeal.
HTMLPDF 52.02.150Organization conclusive.
HTMLPDF 52.02.160Petition alternative, resolutionAdoption requirementsPublic hearingVoter approvalGeneral fund reduction.
HTMLPDF 52.02.170Ambulance service as public utilityLimitationsDefinition.
HTMLPDF 52.02.180Transfer of fire protection and emergency services from fire department to fire protection districtProcedure.