PDFRCW 52.33.020


The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Advanced life support" means functional provision of advanced airway management, including intubation, advanced cardiac monitoring, manual defibrillation, establishment and maintenance of intravenous access, and drug therapy.
(2) "Aircraft rescue and firefighting" means the firefighting actions taken to rescue persons and to control or extinguish fire involving or adjacent to aircraft on the ground.
(3) "Brain death" as defined by the American heart association means the irreversible death of brain cells that begins four to six minutes after cardiac arrest.
(4) "Fire department" means a fire protection district or a regional fire protection service authority responsible for firefighting actions, emergency medical services, and other special operations in a specified geographic area. The department must be a substantially career fire department, and not a substantially volunteer fire department.
(5) "Fire suppression" means the activities involved in controlling and extinguishing fires.
(6) "First responder" means provision of initial assessment and basic first-aid intervention, including cardiac pulmonary resuscitation and automatic external defibrillator capability.
(7) "Flash-over" as defined by national institute of standards and technology means when all combustibles in a room burst into flame and the fire spreads rapidly.
(8) "Marine rescue and firefighting" means the firefighting actions taken to prevent, control, or extinguish fire involved in or adjacent to a marine vessel and the rescue actions for occupants using normal and emergency routes for egress.
(9) "Response time" means the time immediately following the turnout time that begins when units are en route to the emergency incident and ends when units arrive at the scene.
(10) "Special operations" means those emergency incidents to which the fire department responds that require specific and advanced training and specialized tools and equipment.
(11) "Turnout time" means the time beginning when units receive notification of the emergency to the beginning point of response time.
[ 2005 c 376 s 302.]