PDFRCW 53.08.245

Economic development programs authorizedJob training and education.

(1) It shall be in the public purpose for all port districts to engage in economic development programs. In addition, port districts may contract with nonprofit corporations and private and public entities that provide training systems as defined in RCW 28C.18.010 and promote workforce diversity in furtherance of this and other acts relating to economic development.
(2)(a) Economic development programs may include: Occupational job training and placement, job advancement and job retention, preapprenticeship training, or occupational education programs associated with port tenants, customers, and local economic development related to port tenants or port-related economic activities that are sponsored by a port and operated by a nonprofit, private, or public entity.
(b) Ports seeking to engage in activities or contracts pursuant to this subsection shall, by resolution, declare that port-related workforce development provides a substantial public benefit consistent with the port commission's economic development goals, and is consistent with ongoing worker training initiatives in place in the port district.
(c) As a contract condition, a sponsoring port must require any entity that operates programs such as those described in (a) of this subsection to submit annually quantitative information on program outcomes including: The number of workers trained, recruited, placed in jobs, and retained; the types of jobs and range of compensation; the number and types of businesses that are served; and any other tangible benefits realized by the port, the workers, businesses, and the public.
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