PDFRCW 53.08.470

Transfer of ownership of port district-owned vesselFurther requirements.

(1) Following the inspection required under RCW 53.08.460 and prior to transferring ownership of a port district-owned vessel, a port district shall obtain the following from the transferee:
(a) The purposes for which the transferee intends to use the vessel; and
(b) Information demonstrating the prospective owner's intent to obtain legal moorage following the transfer, in the manner determined by the port district.
(2)(a) The port district shall remove any containers or other materials that are not fixed to the vessel and contain hazardous substances, as defined under RCW 70A.305.020.
(b) However, the port district may transfer a vessel with:
(i) Those containers or materials described under (a) of this subsection where the transferee demonstrates to the port district's satisfaction that the container's or material's presence is consistent with the anticipated use of the vessel; and
(ii) A reasonable amount of fuel as determined by the port district, based on factors including the vessel's size, condition, and anticipated use of the vessel including initial destination following transfer.
(c) The port district may consult with the department of ecology in carrying out the requirements of this subsection.
(3) Prior to sale, and unless the vessel has a title or valid marine document, the port district is required to apply for a certificate of title for the vessel under RCW 88.02.510 and register the vessel under RCW 88.02.550.
[ 2021 c 65 s 59; 2013 c 291 s 22.]


Explanatory statement2021 c 65: See note following RCW 53.54.030.