PDFRCW 53.08.480

Insurance requirements.

(1) Every moorage facility operator must:
(a) Obtain and maintain insurance coverage for the moorage facility;
(b) Require, as a condition of moorage, all vessels other than transient vessels to provide proof of marine insurance to the moorage facility.
(2) Unless rules adopted by the department of natural resources require otherwise, insurance maintained by moorage facility operators and required of moored vessels must:
(a) Provide coverage at liability limits of at least three hundred thousand dollars per occurrence; and
(b) Include, at a minimum, general, legal, and pollution liability coverage.
(3) The purchaser of marine insurance under this section may satisfy the requirements of this section through the purchase of multiple policies as necessary.
(4) The requirement under this section for moorage facility operators to require proof of marine insurance from mooring vessels applies whenever a moorage facility operator enters an initial or renewal moorage agreement after June 12, 2014. The moorage facility operator is not required to verify independently whether a mooring vessel's insurance policy meets the requirements of this section and is not responsible for any change in insurance coverage applicable to the vessel that occurs after the initial agreement is entered into or in the time period between agreement renewals.
(5) Any moorage facility operator that the department has determined has failed to satisfy the requirements of this section is not eligible for reimbursement from the derelict vessel removal account under RCW 79.100.100.
[ 2014 c 195 s 203.]


FindingsIntent2014 c 195: See notes following RCW 79.100.170 and 79.100.180.