PDFRCW 53.16.015

Redrawing commissioner district boundariesConditions.

The port commission of a port district that uses commissioner districts may redraw the commissioner district boundaries as provided in chapter 29A.76 RCW or RCW 29A.92.040 or 29A.92.110 at any time and submit the redrawn boundaries to the county auditor if the port district is not coterminous with a county that has the same number of county legislative authority districts as the port has port commissioners. The new commissioner districts shall be used at the next election at which a port commissioner is regularly elected that occurs at least one hundred eighty days after the redrawn boundaries have been submitted. Each commissioner district shall encompass as nearly as possible the same population.
[ 2019 c 454 § 9; 2015 c 53 § 82; 1994 c 223 § 90; 1992 c 146 § 10.]


Retroactive applicationEffective date2019 c 454: See notes following RCW 29A.92.050.