PDFRCW 53.19.070

Application of chapter restricted.

This chapter does not apply to:
(1) Contracts specifying a fee of less than fifty thousand dollars;
(2) Contracts awarded to companies that furnish a service where the tariff is established by the utilities and transportation commission or other public entity;
(3) Intergovernmental agreements awarded to any governmental entity, whether federal, state, or local and any department, division, or subdivision thereof;
(4) Contracts awarded for services to be performed for a standard fee, when the standard fee is established by the contracting agency or any other governmental entity and a like contract is available to all qualified applicants;
(5) Contracts for services that are necessary to the conduct of collaborative research if prior approval is granted by the funding source;
(6) Contracts for professional services which are entered into under chapter 39.80 RCW; and
(7) Contracts for the employment of expert witnesses for the purposes of litigation or legal services to supplement the expertise of port staff.
[ 2008 c 130 § 12.]