PDFRCW 53.25.050

Tax title lands may be conveyed to district.

Any lands in an industrial development district acquired by the county by tax foreclosure, may, if the county commissioners deem the lands chiefly valuable for industrial development purposes, be conveyed to the port district. The lands shall be held in trust by the port district and may be managed, developed, leased, or sold by it as provided in this chapter.
From the proceeds of the sale or lease of the lands, the district shall first reimburse itself for any expense incurred by it in managing and developing the lands and any balance shall be paid to the county, which shall distribute it the same as general taxes collected in that year.
[ 1955 c 73 § 5. Prior: 1939 c 45 § 2; RRS § 9709-2; RCW 53.24.020.]