PDFRCW 53.25.100

Powers as to industrial development districts.

All port districts wherein industrial development districts have been established are authorized and empowered to acquire by purchase or condemnation or both, all lands, property and property rights necessary for the purpose of the development and improvement of such industrial development district and to exercise the right of eminent domain in the acquirement or damaging of all lands, property and property rights and the levying and collecting of assessments upon property for the payment of all damages and compensation in carrying out the provisions for which said industrial development district has been created; to develop and improve the lands within such industrial development district to make the same suitable and available for industrial uses and purposes; to dredge, bulkhead, fill, grade, and protect such property; to provide, maintain, and operate water, light, power and fire protection facilities and services, streets, roads, bridges, highways, waterways, tracks, and rail and water transfer and terminal facilities and other harbor and industrial improvements; to execute leases of such lands or property or any part thereof; to establish local improvement districts within such industrial development districts which may, but need not, be coextensive with the boundaries thereof, and to levy special assessments, under the mode of annual installments, over a period not exceeding ten years, on all property specially benefited by any local improvement, on the basis of special benefits, to pay in whole or in part the damages or costs of any improvement ordered in such local improvement district; to issue local improvement bonds in any such local improvement district; to be repaid by the collection of local improvement assessments; and generally to exercise with respect to and within such industrial development districts all the powers now or hereafter conferred by law upon port districts in counties with a population of one hundred twenty-five thousand or more: PROVIDED, That the exercise of powers hereby authorized and granted shall be in the manner now and hereafter provided by the laws of the state for the exercise of such powers by port districts under the general laws relating thereto insofar as the same shall not be inconsistent with this chapter.
[ 1991 c 363 § 132; 1955 c 73 § 10. Prior: 1939 c 45 § 6; RRS § 9709-6; RCW 53.24.070.]


PurposeCaptions not law1991 c 363: See notes following RCW 2.32.180.
Eminent domain: State Constitution Art. 1 § 16 (Amendment 9); Title 8 RCW.