PDFRCW 53.29.010

Declaration of purpose.

It is declared to be the finding of the legislature of the state of Washington that:
(1) The servicing functions and activities connected with the oceanborne and overseas airborne trade and commerce of port districts, including customs clearance, shipping negotiations, cargo routing, freight forwarding, financing, insurance arrangements and other similar transactions which are presently performed in various, scattered physical and electronic locations in the districts should be centralized to provide for more efficient and economical transportation of persons and more efficient and economical physical or electronic facilities and services for the exchange and buying, selling and transportation of commodities and other property in world trade and commerce;
(2) Unification, at a single, centrally located physical or electronic site of a facility of commerce, i.e., a trade center, accommodating the functions and activities described in subsection (1) of this section and the appropriate governmental, administrative and other services connected with or incidental to transportation and security of persons and property and the promotion and protection of port commerce, and providing a central locale for exhibiting, and otherwise promoting the exchange and buying and selling of commodities and property in world trade and commerce, will materially assist in preserving the material and other benefits of a prosperous port community;
(3) The undertaking of the aforesaid unified trade center project by a port district or the Washington public ports association has the single object of preserving, and will aid in the promotion, security, and preservation of, the economic well-being of port districts and the state of Washington and is found and determined to be a public purpose.
[ 2002 c 145 s 1; 1989 c 425 s 5; 1967 c 56 s 1.]


FindingsSeverability1989 c 425: See notes following RCW 53.06.070.