PDFRCW 53.29.020

Power to establish trade centersFacilities authorized.

In addition to all other powers granted to port districts, any such district, the Washington public ports association, or the federation of Washington ports as described in RCW 53.06.070 may acquire, as provided for other port properties in RCW 53.08.010, construct, develop, operate and maintain all land or other property interests, buildings, structures or other improvements, and may participate in transactions necessary to provide, electronically or otherwise, facilities or to exercise powers or purposes of a trade center including but not limited to the following electronic or physical facilities:
(1) A facility consisting of one or more structures, improvements and areas for the centralized accommodation of public and private agencies, persons and facilities in order to afford improved service to waterborne and airborne import and export trade and commerce;
(2) Facilities for the promotion of such import and export trade and commerce, inspection, testing, display and appraisal facilities, foreign trade zones, terminal and transportation facilities, office meeting rooms, auditoriums, libraries, language translation services, storage, warehouse, marketing and exhibition facilities, facilities for federal, state, county and other municipal and governmental agencies providing services relating to the foregoing and including, but not being limited to, customs houses and customs stores, and other incidental facilities and accommodations.
[ 2002 c 145 § 2; 1989 c 425 § 6; 1967 c 56 § 2.]


FindingsSeverability1989 c 425: See notes following RCW 53.06.070.