PDFRCW 53.40.020

Purposes for which bonds may be issued and sold.

All such revenue bonds authorized under the terms of this chapter may be issued and sold by the port district from time to time and in such amounts as is deemed necessary by the port commission to provide sufficient funds for the carrying out of all port district powers, and without limiting the generality thereof, shall include the following: Acquisition, construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair, additions and operation of port properties and facilities, including in the cost thereof engineering, inspection, accounting, fiscal and legal expenses; the cost of issuance of bonds, including printing, engraving and advertising and other similar expenses; payment of interest on the outstanding bonds issued for any project during the period of actual construction and for six months after the completion thereof, and the proceeds of such bond issue are hereby made available for all such purposes. "Port property and facilities," as used in this section, includes facilities for the freezing or processing of agricultural products.
[ 1987 c 289 § 2; 1959 c 183 § 2; 1957 c 59 § 3. Prior: 1949 c 122 § 2, part; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 9711-2, part.]