PDFRCW 53.56.040

Annual evaluationsAnnual report.

(1) Every port shall evaluate its level of service and deployment delivery and response time objectives on an annual basis. The evaluations shall be based on data relating to level of service, deployment, and the achievement of each response time objective in each geographic area within the port's jurisdiction.
(2) Beginning in 2007, every port shall issue an annual written report which shall be based on the annual evaluations required by subsection (1) of this section.
(a) The annual report shall define the geographic areas and circumstances in which the requirements of this standard are not being met.
(b) The annual report shall explain the predictable consequences of any deficiencies and address the steps that are necessary to achieve compliance.
(3) An annual part 139 inspection and certification by the federal aviation administration shall be considered to meet the requirements of this section.
[ 2005 c 376 § 404.]