PDFRCW 57.22.020

Reimbursement to ownerContract requirements.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, the contract shall also provide, subject to the terms and conditions in this section, for the reimbursement to the owner or the owner's assigns for a period not to exceed fifteen years of a portion of the costs of the facilities constructed pursuant to such contract from connection charges received by the district from other property owners who subsequently connect to or use the facilities within the period of time that the contract is effective and who did not contribute to the original cost of such facilities.
(2)(a) The contract may provide for an extension of the fifteen-year reimbursement period for a time not to exceed the duration of any moratorium, phasing ordinance, concurrency designation, or other governmental action that prevents making applications for, or the approval of, any new development for a period of six months or more within the benefit area of the system extensions authorized under this chapter.
(b) Upon the extension of the reimbursement period pursuant to (a) of this subsection, the contract must specify the duration of the contract extension and must be filed and recorded with the county auditor. Property owners who are subject to the reimbursement obligations under subsection (1) of this section shall be notified by the water-sewer district of the extension filed under this subsection.
(3) Each contract shall include a provision requiring that every two years from the date the contract is executed a property owner entitled to reimbursement under this section provide the water-sewer district with information regarding the current contract name, address, and telephone number of the person, company, or partnership that originally entered into the contract. If the property owner fails to comply with the notification requirements of this subsection within sixty days of the specified time, then the water-sewer district may collect any reimbursement funds owed to the property owner under the contract. Such funds must be deposited in the capital fund of the water-sewer district.
[ 2006 c 88 s 3; 1996 c 230 s 802; 1989 c 389 s 12.]


Part headings not lawEffective date1996 c 230: See notes following RCW 57.02.001.