PDFRCW 57.90.010

Disincorporation authorized.

Water-sewer, park and recreation, metropolitan park, county rural library, cemetery, flood control, mosquito control, diking and drainage, irrigation or reclamation, weed, health, or fire protection districts, and any air pollution control authority or regional fire protection service authority, hereinafter referred to as "special districts," which are located wholly or in part within a county with a population of two hundred ten thousand or more may be disincorporated when the district has not actively carried out any of the special purposes or functions for which it was formed within the preceding consecutive five-year period.
[ 2004 c 129 s 13; 1999 c 153 s 24; 1996 c 230 s 1502; 1991 c 363 s 137; 1979 ex.s. c 30 s 11; 1963 c 55 s 1.]


Part headings not law1999 c 153: See note following RCW 57.04.050.
Part headings not lawEffective date1996 c 230: See notes following RCW 57.02.001.
PurposeCaptions not law1991 c 363: See notes following RCW 2.32.180.