PDFRCW 58.24.030

Official agency designatedPowersCooperate and advisePurposes.

The commissioner of public lands, the department of natural resources, and the advisory board are authorized to cooperate and advise with various departments and subdivisions of the state, counties, municipalities, and registered engineers or land surveyors of the state for the following purposes:
(1) The recovery of section corners or other land boundary marks;
(2) The monumentation of accepted section corners, and other boundary and reference marks; said monumentation shall be adequately connected to adjusted United States coast and geodetic survey triangulation stations and the coordinates of the monuments computed to conform with the *Washington coordinate system in accordance with the provisions of chapter 58.20 RCW, as derived from chapter 168, Laws of 1945;
(3) For facilitation and encouragement of the use of the *Washington state coordinate system; and
(4) For promotion of the use of the level net as established by the United States coast and geodetic survey.
[ 1987 c 466 § 6; 1982 c 165 § 3; 1951 c 224 § 4.]


*Reviser's note: The "Washington coordinate system" was renamed the "Washington plane coordinate system" by 2020 c 50.
Severability1951 c 224: See note following RCW 58.24.010.