RCW 60.13.020

Processor lien.

Starting on the date a producer delivers any agricultural product to a processor or conditioner, the producer has a first priority statutory lien, referred to as a "processor lien." A commercial fisher who delivers fish to a processor also has a first priority statutory "processor lien" starting on the date the fisher delivers fish to the processor. This processor lien shall continue until twenty days after payment for the product is due and remains unpaid, without filing any notice of lien, for the contract price, if any, or the fair market value of the products delivered. The processor lien attaches to the agricultural products or fish delivered, to the processor's or conditioner's inventory, and to the processor's or conditioner's accounts receivable. However, no processor lien may attach to agricultural products or fish delivered by a producer or commercial fisher, or on the producer's or fisher's behalf, to a processor which is organized and operated on a cooperative basis and of which the producer or fisher is a member, nor may such lien attach to such processor's inventory or accounts receivable.
[ 2013 c 23 § 119; 1987 c 148 § 2; 1985 c 412 § 2.]