RCW 60.13.060

Duration of lienStatement of discharge.

(1) The wine producer or processor lien shall terminate twelve months after, and the preparer lien shall terminate fifty days after, the later of the date of attachment or filing, unless a suit to foreclose the lien has been filed before that time as provided in RCW 60.13.070.
(2) If a statement has been filed as provided in RCW 60.13.040 and the producer or commercial fisher has received payment for the obligation secured by the lien, the producer or fisher shall promptly file with the department of licensing a statement declaring that full payment has been received and that the lien is discharged. If, after payment, the producer or fisher fails to file such statement of discharge within ten days following a request to do so, the producer or fisher shall be liable to the wine producer, processor, conditioner, or preparer in the sum of one hundred dollars plus actual damages caused by the failure.
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