RCW 60.40.030

Procedure when lien is claimed.

If, however, the attorney claim a lien, upon the money or papers, under the provisions of *this chapter, the court or judge may: (1) Impose as a condition of making the order, that the client give security in a form and amount to be directed, to satisfy the lien, when determined in an action; (2) summarily to inquire into the facts on which the claim of a lien is founded, and determine the same; or (3) to refer it, and upon the report, determine the same as in other cases.
[Code 1881 § 3288; 1863 p 406 § 14; RRS § 138.]


*Reviser's note: "this chapter" appeared in section 3288, chapter 250 of the Code of 1881, the lien sections of which are codified as chapter 60.40 RCW.