RCW 69.43.140

Civil penaltyPharmacy quality assurance commission waiver.

(1) In addition to the other penalties provided for in this chapter or in chapter 18.64 RCW, the pharmacy quality assurance commission may impose a civil penalty, not to exceed ten thousand dollars for each violation, on any licensee or registrant who has failed to comply with this chapter or the rules adopted under this chapter. In the case of a continuing violation, every day the violation continues shall be considered a separate violation.
(2) The pharmacy quality assurance commission may waive the suspension or revocation of a license or registration issued under chapter 18.64 RCW, or waive any civil penalty under this chapter, if the licensee or registrant establishes that he or she acted in good faith to prevent violations of this chapter, and the violation occurred despite the licensee's or registrant's exercise of due diligence. In making such a determination, the pharmacy quality assurance commission may consider evidence that an employer trained employees on how to sell, transfer, or otherwise furnish substances specified in RCW 69.43.010(1) in accordance with applicable laws.
[ 2013 c 19 § 78; 2001 c 96 § 12.]


IntentSeverability2001 c 96: See notes following RCW 69.43.010.