RCW 71.40.080

Office contact informationAccess.

(1) Every behavioral health provider or facility shall post in a conspicuous location a notice providing the toll-free phone number and website of the contracting advocacy organization, as well as the name, address, and phone number of the office of the appropriate local behavioral health consumer advocate and a brief description of the services provided by the contracting advocacy organization. The form of the notice must be approved by the office. This information must also be distributed to the patients, residents, and clients of behavioral health providers or facilities, upon application for behavioral health services and upon admission to a behavioral health provider or facility. The information shall also be provided to the family members and legal guardians of the patients, residents, or clients of a behavioral health provider or facility, as allowed by state and federal privacy laws.
(2) Every behavioral health provider or facility must provide access to a free telephone for the express purpose of contacting the contracting advocacy organization.
[ 2021 c 202 § 8.]