RCW 71.40.110

Working agreements.

(1) The contracting advocacy organization shall develop and implement working agreements with the protection and advocacy agency, the long-term care ombuds, the developmental disabilities ombuds, the corrections ombuds, and the children and family ombuds, and work in cooperation to assure efficient, coordinated service.
(2) The contracting advocacy organization shall develop working agreements with each managed care organization, behavioral health administrative services organization, the state psychiatric hospitals, all appropriate state and local agencies, and other such entities as necessary to carry out their duties. Working agreements must include:
(a) The roles of the contracting advocacy organization and the agency or entity in complaint investigations, complaint referral criteria, and a process for sharing information regarding complaint review and investigation, as appropriate; and
(b) Processes and procedures to assure timely and seamless information sharing among all interested parties and that the contracting advocacy organization is responsive to all local information requests.
[ 2021 c 202 § 11.]