RCW 71.40.130


It is the intent of the legislature that:
(1) Regional behavioral health ombuds programs existing prior to chapter 202, Laws of 2021 be integrated into this new statewide program and the ombuds from those programs be assessed and certified by the contracting advocacy organization as behavioral health consumer advocates, and for the state office of behavioral health consumer advocacy to provide the regional behavioral health ombuds programs with any additional training they may need to meet the requirements of RCW 71.40.050;
(2) There shall be a behavioral health consumer advocate office within the boundaries of the region served by each behavioral health administrative services organization;
(3) Federal medicaid requirements be complied with; and
(4) The department annually expend at least the amount expended on regional behavioral health ombuds services prior to July 25, 2021, on the office and for the procurement of services from the contracting advocacy organization under this chapter.
[ 2021 c 202 § 13.]