PDFRCW 74.04.330

Annual reports by assistance organizationsPenalty.

Every person, firm, corporation, association or organization receiving twenty-five percent or more of its income from contributions, gifts, dues, or other payments from persons receiving assistance, community work and training, federal-aid assistance, or any other form of public assistance from the state of Washington or any agency or subdivision thereof, and engaged in political or other activities in behalf of such persons receiving such public assistance, shall, within ninety days after the close of each calendar year, make a report to the secretary of social and health services for the preceding year, which report shall contain:
(1) A statement of the total amount of contributions, gifts, dues, or other payments received;
(2) The names of any and all persons, firms, corporations, associations or organizations contributing the sum of twenty-five dollars or more during such year, and the amounts contributed by such persons, firms, corporations, associations, or organizations;
(3) A full and complete statement of all disbursements made during such year, including the names of all persons, firms, corporations, associations, or organizations to whom any moneys were paid, and the amounts and purposes of such payments; and
(4) Every such report so filed shall constitute a public record.
(5) Any person, firm, or corporation, and any officer or agent of any firm, corporation, association or organization, violating this section by failing to file such report, or in any other manner, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.
[ 1979 c 141 § 310; 1963 c 228 § 5; 1959 c 26 § 74.04.330. Prior: 1941 c 170 § 7; Rem. Supp. 1941 § 10007-138.]