PDFRCW 74.04.480

Educational leaves of absence for personnel.

The state department of social and health services is hereby authorized to promulgate rules and regulations governing the granting to any employee of the department, other than a provisional employee, a leave of absence for educational purposes to attend an institution of learning for the purpose of improving his or her skill, knowledge, and technique in the administration of social welfare programs which will benefit the department.
Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the department, employees of the department who are engaged in the administration of public welfare programs may (1) attend courses of training provided by institutions of higher learning; (2) attend special courses of study or seminars of short duration conducted by experts on a temporary basis for the purpose; (3) accept fellowships or traineeships at institutions of higher learning with such stipends as are permitted by regulations of the federal government.
The department of social and health services is hereby authorized to accept any funds from the federal government or any other public or private agency made available for training purposes for public assistance personnel and to conform with such requirements as are necessary in order to receive such funds.
[ 2013 c 23 § 197; 1979 c 141 § 321; 1963 c 228 § 15.]