RCW 74.09.730

Disproportionate share hospital adjustment.

(1) In establishing Title XIX payments for inpatient hospital services:
(a) To the extent funds are appropriated specifically for this purpose, and subject to any conditions placed on appropriations made for this purpose, the authority shall provide a disproportionate share hospital adjustment considering the following components:
(i) A low-income care component based on a hospital's medicaid utilization rate, its low-income utilization rate, its provision of obstetric services, and other factors authorized by federal law;
(ii) A medical indigency care component based on a hospital's services to persons who are medically indigent; and
(iii) A state-only component, to be paid from available state funds to hospitals that do not qualify for federal payments under (a)(ii) of this subsection, based on a hospital's services to persons who are medically indigent;
(b) The payment methodology for disproportionate share hospitals shall be specified by the authority in regulation.
(2) Nothing in this section shall be construed as a right or an entitlement by any hospital to any payment from the authority.
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