PDFRCW 74.12.470

Monthly diaper subsidyRulesOutreach. (Effective November 1, 2023.)

(1) Subject to funds appropriated for this specific purpose, to assist with child-related necessities such as diapers, the department may make additional monthly payments to recipients with children under the age of three who are otherwise eligible for and receiving temporary assistance for needy families.
(2) The department shall set the benefit amounts in rule in accordance with available funds appropriated for this purpose.
(3) The department shall make reasonable efforts to ensure timely communication to families of the new subsidy at implementation and as the diaper subsidy eligibility changes.
[ 2022 c 100 § 2.]


FindingsIntent2022 c 100: "(1) The legislature finds that diapers are a necessity for every infant. Additionally, the majority of early child care programs require an adequate supply of diapers for child attendance, but, with the exception of early head start, do not provide diapers to families in need.
(2) The legislature further finds that families unable to afford an adequate supply of diapers may provide less frequent diaper changes to their child to maximize their supply of diapers. The failure to provide adequate diaper changes is associated with an increased rate of diaper dermatitis and urinary tract infection. Further, there are links between diaper need and increased parenting stress. Children whose parents manifest high levels of stress or depression are at greater risk of social, emotional, and behavioral problems.
(3) Therefore, the legislature intends to reduce parenting stress and increase parenting sense of competency by directing the department of social and health services to provide a monthly diaper subsidy to families with children under three who are otherwise eligible for temporary assistance for needy families, thereby improving parenting quality and overall child outcomes." [ 2022 c 100 § 1.]
Effective date2022 c 100: "This act takes effect November 1, 2023." [ 2022 c 100 § 4.]