PDFRCW 74.13.065

Out-of-home careSocial study required.

(1) The department shall conduct a social study whenever a child is placed in out-of-home care under the supervision of the department. The study shall be conducted prior to placement, or, if it is not feasible to conduct the study prior to placement due to the circumstances of the case, the study shall be conducted as soon as possible following placement.
(2) The social study shall include, but not be limited to, an assessment of the following factors:
(a) The physical and emotional strengths and needs of the child;
(b) Emotional bonds with siblings and the need to maintain regular sibling contacts;
(c) The proximity of the child's placement to the child's family to aid reunification;
(d) The possibility of placement with the child's relatives or extended family;
(e) The racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious background of the child;
(f) The least-restrictive, most family-like placement reasonably available and capable of meeting the child's needs; and
(g) Compliance with RCW 13.34.260 regarding parental preferences for placement of their children.
[ 2018 c 284 § 43; 2009 c 520 § 60; 2002 c 52 § 8; 1995 c 311 § 26.]


Intent2002 c 52: See note following RCW 13.34.025.