PDFRCW 74.13A.125

Interstate agreements for adoption of children with special needsAdoption assistance and medical assistance in state plan.

Consistent with federal law, the department, in connection with the administration of *RCW 74.13.152 through 74.13.158 and any pursuant compact shall include in any state plan made pursuant to the adoption assistance and child welfare act of 1980 (P.L. 96-272), Titles IV(e) and XIX of the social security act, and any other applicable federal laws, the provision of adoption assistance and medical assistance for which the federal government pays some or all of the cost. The department shall apply for and administer all relevant federal aid in accordance with law.
[ 1997 c 31 § 8. Formerly RCW 74.13.159.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 74.13.152 through 74.13.158 were recodified as RCW 74.13A.090 through 74.13A.120 pursuant to 2009 c 520 § 95.