Chapter 74.42 RCW



HTMLPDF 74.42.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 74.42.020Minimum standards.
HTMLPDF 74.42.030Resident to receive statement of rights, rules, services, and charges.
HTMLPDF 74.42.040Resident's rights regarding medical condition, care, and treatment.
HTMLPDF 74.42.050Residents to be treated with consideration, respectComplaints.
HTMLPDF 74.42.055Discrimination against medicaid recipients prohibited.
HTMLPDF 74.42.056Department assessment of medicaid eligible individualsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 74.42.057Notification regarding resident likely to become medicaid eligible.
HTMLPDF 74.42.058Department case management services.
HTMLPDF 74.42.060Management of residents' financial affairs.
HTMLPDF 74.42.070Privacy.
HTMLPDF 74.42.080Confidentiality of records.
HTMLPDF 74.42.090Work tasks by residents.
HTMLPDF 74.42.100Personal mail.
HTMLPDF 74.42.110Freedom of associationLimits.
HTMLPDF 74.42.120Personal possessions.
HTMLPDF 74.42.130Individual financial records.
HTMLPDF 74.42.140Prescribed plan of careTreatment, medication, diet services.
HTMLPDF 74.42.150Plan of careGoalsProgramResponsibilitiesReview.
HTMLPDF 74.42.160Nursing care.
HTMLPDF 74.42.170Rehabilitative services.
HTMLPDF 74.42.180Social services.
HTMLPDF 74.42.190Activities programRecreation areas, equipment.
HTMLPDF 74.42.200Supervision of health care by physicianWhen required.
HTMLPDF 74.42.210Pharmacist services.
HTMLPDF 74.42.220Contracts for professional services from outside the agency.
HTMLPDF 74.42.225Self-medication programs for residentsEducational programImplementation.
HTMLPDF 74.42.230Physician or authorized practitioner to prescribe medicationCommunication of order by licensed nurse, pharmacist, or another physician.
HTMLPDF 74.42.240Administering medication.
HTMLPDF 74.42.250Medication stop ordersProcedure for persons with developmental disabilities.
HTMLPDF 74.42.260Drug storage, security, inventory.
HTMLPDF 74.42.270Drug disposal.
HTMLPDF 74.42.280Adverse drug reaction.
HTMLPDF 74.42.285ImmunizationsRules.
HTMLPDF 74.42.290Meal intervalsFood handlingUtensilsDisposal.
HTMLPDF 74.42.300NutritionistMenus, special diets.
HTMLPDF 74.42.310Staff duties at meals.
HTMLPDF 74.42.320Sanitary procedures for food preparation.
HTMLPDF 74.42.330Food storage.
HTMLPDF 74.42.340Administrative supportPurchasingInventory control.
HTMLPDF 74.42.350Organization chart.
HTMLPDF 74.42.360Adequate staffMinimum staffing standardsExceptionsDefinition.
HTMLPDF 74.42.370Licensed administrator.
HTMLPDF 74.42.380Director of nursing services.
HTMLPDF 74.42.390Communication system.
HTMLPDF 74.42.400Engineering and maintenance personnel.
HTMLPDF 74.42.410Laundry services.
HTMLPDF 74.42.420Resident record system.
HTMLPDF 74.42.430Written policy guidelines.
HTMLPDF 74.42.440Facility rated capacity not to be exceeded.
HTMLPDF 74.42.450Residents limited to those the facility qualified to care forTransfer or discharge of residentsAppeal of department discharge decisionReasonable accommodation.
HTMLPDF 74.42.455Transitional care management.
HTMLPDF 74.42.460Organization plan and procedures.
HTMLPDF 74.42.470Infected employees.
HTMLPDF 74.42.480Living areas.
HTMLPDF 74.42.490Room requirementsWaiver.
HTMLPDF 74.42.500Toilet and bathing facilities.
HTMLPDF 74.42.510Room for dining, recreation, social activitiesWaiver.
HTMLPDF 74.42.520Therapy area.
HTMLPDF 74.42.530Isolation areas.
HTMLPDF 74.42.540Building requirements.
HTMLPDF 74.42.550Handrails.
HTMLPDF 74.42.560Emergency lighting for facilities housing persons with developmental disabilities.
HTMLPDF 74.42.570Health and safety requirements.
HTMLPDF 74.42.580Penalties for violation of standards.
HTMLPDF 74.42.600Department inspectionsNotice of noncompliancePenaltiesCoordination with department of health.
HTMLPDF 74.42.620Departmental rules.
HTMLPDF 74.42.630Conflict with federal requirements.
HTMLPDF 74.42.640Quality assurance committee.
HTMLPDF 74.42.910ConstructionConflict with federal requirements.
HTMLPDF 74.42.920Chapter 74.42 RCW suspendedEffective date delayed until January 1, 1981.


Effective dateChapter 74.42 RCW: See RCW 74.42.920.