PDFRCW 74.42.030

Resident to receive statement of rights, rules, services, and charges.

Each resident or guardian or legal representative, if any, shall be fully informed and receive in writing, in a language the resident or his or her representative understands, the following information:
(1) The resident's rights and responsibilities in the facility;
(2) Rules governing resident conduct;
(3) Services, items, and activities available in the facility; and
(4) Charges for services, items, and activities, including those not included in the facility's basic daily rate or not paid by medicaid.
The facility shall provide this information before admission, or at the time of admission in case of emergency, and as changes occur during the resident's stay. The resident and his or her representative must be informed in writing in advance of changes in the availability or charges for services, items, or activities, or of changes in the facility's rules. Except in unusual circumstances, thirty days' advance notice must be given prior to the change. The resident or legal guardian or representative shall acknowledge in writing receipt of this information.
The written information provided by the facility pursuant to this section, and the terms of any admission contract executed between the facility and an individual seeking admission to the facility, must be consistent with the requirements of this chapter and chapter 18.51 RCW and, for facilities certified under medicaid or medicare, with the applicable federal requirements.
[ 1997 c 392 s 212; 1979 ex.s. c 211 s 3.]


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