PDFRCW 74.42.600

Department inspectionsNotice of noncompliancePenaltiesCoordination with department of health.

(1) In addition to the inspection required by chapter 18.51 RCW, the department shall inspect the facility for compliance with resident rights and direct care standards of this chapter. The department may inspect any and all other provisions randomly, by exception profiles, or during complaint investigations.
(2) If the facility has not complied with all the requirements of this chapter, the department shall notify the facility in writing that the facility is in noncompliance and describe the reasons for the facility's noncompliance and the department may impose penalties in accordance with RCW 18.51.060.
(3) To avoid unnecessary duplication in inspections, the department shall coordinate with the department of health when inspecting medicaid-certified or medicare-certified, or both, long-term care beds in hospitals for compliance with Title XVIII or XIX of the social security act.
[ 1995 c 282 s 5; 1987 c 476 s 28; 1982 c 120 s 3; 1980 c 184 s 17; 1979 ex.s. c 211 s 60.]