PDFRCW 78.22.030

Acts constituting use of mineral interest.

A mineral interest is used if:
(1) Any minerals produced have been in connection with the mineral interest;
(2) Operations for injection, withdrawal, storage or disposal of water, gas, or other fluid substances have been conducted in connection with the mineral interest;
(3) Rents or royalties have been paid for the purpose of delaying or enjoying the use or exercise of the mineral interest;
(4) The use or the exercise of the mineral interest has been carried out on any tract with which the mineral interest may be unitized or pooled for production purposes;
(5) In the case of coal or other solid minerals, minerals have been produced from a common vein or seam;
(6) Taxes have been paid on such mineral interest;
(7) Any use pursuant to or authorized by the instrument creating such mineral interest has been taken;
(8) A sale, lease, mortgage, or other transfer of the mineral interest has been recorded in the county auditor's office in the county in which the land affected by the mineral interest is located prior to the end of the twenty-year period set forth in RCW 78.22.010 or within two years after June 7, 1984, whichever is later; or
(9) A statement of claim has been filed by the owner of the mineral interest in the manner set forth in RCW 78.22.040 or 78.22.060.
[ 1984 c 252 § 3.]