PDFRCW 78.22.040

Statement of claimContentsFeesFiling.

The statement of claim referred to in RCW 78.22.030(9) shall be filed by the current owner of the mineral interest prior to the end of the twenty-year period set forth in RCW 78.22.010 or within two years after June 7, 1984, whichever is later. The statement of claim shall contain the name and address of the current owner of such interest, and the name of the original holder of the mineral interest substantially as that name is shown on the instrument that originally created the mineral interest and shall be accompanied by payment of the fees provided in RCW 36.18.010.
The statement of claim shall be filed in the county auditor's office in the county in which such land affected by the mineral interest is located.
[ 1984 c 252 § 4.]